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Intensive Spanish Sessions

Spanish is the true language of passion, love, sandy beaches, and sunny weather. It is one of the most spoken languages in the world and the official language in 21 countries. Imagine yourself in the vineyards of Chile, or dancing bachata in  Dominican Republic, visiting the Mayan pyramids in Mexico, or tasting the world's best coffee in Colombia.
We know by experience what you need to learn and we have designed a playful but highly effective course to ensure you can speak Spanish in  ONE WEEK.


Program Coordinator & Educator

Teddy Kohn

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I´m Teddy Kohn, a certified language educator, art therapist & performer.

I am the creator of AMUSING Retreats & AMUSING Tours. My mission is to

#INSPIRE and make people #HAPPY through active, experiencial  learning.
I have taught Spanish and Hispanic culture for over 10 years in Vietnam, Poland and Jamaica at the university level. Now I welcome all learning and adventure seekers in our Intensive-Immersive Language and Experience Retreat in paradisiac Tenerife.

I have designed a fantastic learning syllabus, filled with daily cultural engagement activities, and a self-transformation plan to ensure Spanish learning in no time, while discovering the beauty of Canarian culture, gastronomy and landscape.


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