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At Amusing Retreats we want you to take a week to pamper yourself, your body and mind will thank you. We have prepared a week full of complementary activities that will help you to be in shape both physically and mentally. 

👐🏼3 personalized massages 👐🏼

Enhance your retreat experience with our personalized massage offerings. Indulge in three 30-minute sessions, each tailored to your preferences and needs. Our skilled therapists will ensure you receive the utmost relaxation and rejuvenation, perfectly complementing your serene retreat in Tenerife.

🎨2  Art Therapy Sessions 🎨

Some emotions can better be understood and explained through an artistic expression. Our sessions work as a pause in your busy week to reconnect with your true self, gain some clarity and direct your focus on the things you truly care about.

No need to be an artsy person.

🧘Active Mornings 🧘

We understand the importance of being active. You got you covered.

To kick-start your body for the day and set you with the right mindset, you can join our activity of the day, which could be a yoga, dancing workshop or capoeira.

Cacao Gathering 

Is a celebratory  get-together where attendees sit in a circle and drink pure cacao, a super food used for millenia.

Session aims at improving your self-esteem, help you get through grief, deception,  put an end to your inability to forgive and move on, and remove resistance to change and acceptance. You will focus of thankfulness, appreciation and self-love.

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